What Does an Assessment Look Like?


The following may be completed in a 1.5 hour assessment:

  • Parent interview to gather background information and main concerns

  • Depending on the age of the child, the SLP will either observe the child during play or have a conversation with the child to get to know them and obtain a language sample

  • For clients with a speech concern: an oral mechanism exam will be completed where the SLP will look in the mouth to make sure the muscles and structures are working as they should in order to produce speech

  • Formal and/or informal assessment tasks will be completed specific to the concerns identified. This will be dependent on the nature of the concern as well as whether or not formal scores are needed to support a referral to an external school or agency.

  • Discussion of results and treatment options - we will discuss any funding the child may be eligible for and all possible service options available to them. The SLP will support you in finding the best service option for your child. 

  • If needed, a report may be completed for an extra charge. The charge will depend on the complexity of the report required (i.e., a simple one page summary or a formal report meeting Alberta Education Standards).

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