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Speech and Language Assessment

Assessments are generally scheduled for 1.5 hours and are performed to determine areas of strength and challenges and set goals. A formal report is available upon request for an additional charge. The cost would be discussed prior to completion of the report.

*Price will vary depending on the nature and severity of the speech and language delay as well as if any previous assessments have been completed. For complex cases, more than one appointment may be needed to complete the assessment. An estimate of the price will be determined and shared prior to scheduling the appointment.

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Speech and Language Treatment
$140/hour with SLP
$90/hour with SLP Assistant

An individualized treatment plan will be created for your child based on your child's current abilities, expectations for their age, and current needs. Note: sessions with SLP Assistant are under the supervision of the SLP.

Sessions are a total of 45-60 minutes:

  • 30-45 minutes: Direct Therapy with Child and Family

  • 5 minutes: Review of homework for upcoming week with Parent

  • 10 minutes: Note Writing


Letter writing, Form Completion, Consultation with other Professionals
$35/15 minutes

These services as well as their cost will always be discussed with you prior to completion. You will never be charged for a service you did not consent to.


Free within Sherwood Park
$35/15 minutes outside Sherwood Park

As we are based out of Sherwood Park we do not charge travel within Sherwood Park. If you are outside of Sherwood Park, we do have a home-based treatment space you can come to in order to avoid a travel fee.

Travel fee with SLP assistants will vary.

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Are services covered?

Many insurance plans cover at least a portion of Speech-Language Services. Please check with your provider for more information. A receipt will be provided for you to submit for reimbursement.

Fees are set in accordance with the ACSLPA fee schedule.

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